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400 South Main Street
Plymouth, MI

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Panera Bread Locations in Plymouth MI is recognized as a bakery/cafe created inside of a casual environment located throughout Canada and the United States. Their headquarters are based in Sunset Hills, Missouri and operates as Saint Louis Bread Company in the Saint Louis area. Originally Panera Bread was called Au Bon Pain Company which began in 1981. They have over 1,500 locations situated throughout 40 states as well as over 20 locations which deliver fresh dough to the bakers daily.

They are also one of the first in their industry to publicly display nutritional information in all locations. They pay close attention to nutrition and have standardized many recipes which are carried throughout all suppliers. This keeps all production requirements within their quality regulations. You can also visit their website to utilize their custom-made nutritional calculator which also allows a visitor to base their selection determined by their calorie intake.

During 2010, Panera Bread created a non-profit sector which they call "Panera Cares" and bases paying for your meal on a "Pay what you can" program which helps over 3,500 guests every week. Since 2006, they became the largest provider of free Wi-Fi in the United States locations with some location-specific restrictions limiting usage to 30 or 60 minutes during peak business hours.

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